Sharjah is well known for maintaining the traditional values of the Islamic culture. The beautiful mosques and the museums are a replica of the tradition and the culture that has come down from times immemorial and so are the parks, the souks and the waterfront destinations. So, if you are in Sharjah, these places are a must visit on your itinerary.

There are various places and attractions to check around the Sharjah region of the UAE, and the top 15 places are presented below with necessary information.

1. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

  • This is a historical place and also a religious place.
  • It represents the history of Islamic civilization starting from the seventh century to the twenty first century.
  • It exhibits the different kinds of relics, carvings and artifacts from times immemorial.
  • The Quran manuscripts are also presented there.
  • The galleries on exhibit are seven in number.
  • The location of this museum is Al Sharq, Sharjah.
  • The duration of the tour is two hours.
  • The entrance to the historical museum is paid entry.

2. Sharjah Aquarium

  • The Sharjah Aquarium is home for many marine species at least 100 of them.
  • This is a place where families and kids can spend quality time while they watch the manta rays, sea horses and local sea fishes.
  • Local fishes found along the coasts and at the ports can also be found here at the Sharjah Aquarium.
  • The location is at Al Khan in Sharjah and the duration of the aquarium tour is two to three hours.
  • The entry is paid entry.
  • You can avail of cabs and private transport to reach the venue.

3. Al Qasba

  • This is a great tourist destination where you can enjoy with friends and family.
  • You can get involved in many activities at Al Qasba.
  • You can take part in abra rides, get on the Emirates Ferris Wheel and enjoy the musical fountain show.
  • You can also grab a snack at the food outlets and restaurants around the Al Qasba region.
  • The tour duration is three to four hours.
  • The location is at Al Majaaz.
  • The entry here is a paid entry.
  • You can avail of public transport and also cabs.

4. Al-Noor Mosque

  • The Al Noor Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Sharjah.
  • It is the only mosque that allows non muslims here.
  • The architecture has Ottoman design with Urdu and Arabic calligraphies on the walls.
  • Entry to the mosque is free with a one-hour tour that is inclusive of the entry fees.
  • The location of the Al Noor Mosque is at Corniche Street in Sharjah.
  • You may avail of private transportation and cabs too.

5. Al Heera Beach

  • The Al Heera Beach is noted for the enthralling water sports.
  • The beach has a skate park, with tracks for biking and motorcross activities too.
  • Kids playground and jogging area are some of the amenities here.
  • The location is at Al Muntazah.
  • The duration of this tour is three to four hours.
  • You can reach the place by public transportation and cabs.

6. Sharjah Archaeology Museum

  • This place has a lot of exhibits and provides historical information of the Bronze, Iron and Stone Ages.
  • Pottery, jewellery, weapons, carvings, relics and artifacts are exhibited here.
  • The location of this museum is Sheikh Rashid Bin Saqr Al Qasimi Street
  • The tour can be covered in two to three hours.
  • The entry fee has to be paid.
  • The transportation is by public vehicle and by cab.

7. Sharjah Heritage Area

  • This is one of the most important places in Sharjah that speaks of the culture and heritage of Sharjah.
  • You will come across primitive buildings, souks, museums, courthouses and other iconic buildings.
  • In the Sharjah Heritage Area, the most prominent among the buildings are the Al Midfa House, Sharjah Calligraphy Museum and the Hisn Fort.
  • The location is Al Shiokh in Sharjah.
  • The duration of the tour is three to four hours.
  • You have to go in for a paid entry.
  • You can reach the place by public transport and also by cab.

8. Souk Al Jubail

  • The Souk Al Jubail is a large market for tourists and locals who visit here.
  • You can get accessories, commodities and also general commercial goods.
  • The souk has at least 100 shops that are air conditioned so that customers can have a stress-free buying during summer.
  • The location is Al Jubail Bus Stop, at Corniche Street in Sharjah.
  • There is no entry fee here.
  • Private transportation and cabs are available here.

9. Pearls Kingdom

  • This is an enchanting location in Sharjah that has a waterpark with a plethora of activities in which you can take part.
  • It is a themed waterpark with interesting stories around like pirates and hidden treasures.
  • There are rides for kids and adults too.
  • The Fort ride is also enjoyable with pools to get refreshed by the side in the Pearls Kingdom.
  • The duration of the tour is four to five hours.
  • You will have to pay for the entry.
  • You may reach there by public transport or by cabs.
  • The location is Sharjah Airport Road.

10. Khor Fakkan

  • Khor Fakkan is a captivating spot that has a sea beaches, archaeological sites, museums, mosques, castles and mountains.
  • You can spend time at the Al Wurrayah Falls and also at the Shark Islands.
  • At this spot you can enjoy in a number of water sports and spend an enthralling time.
  • The location is Khor Fakkan in Sharjah.
  • The tour will take you five to six hours.
  • The entry is free.
  • You can avail of public transport and also cabs.

11. Kalba

  • Kalba has lots of wildlife and also a lot of vegetation.
  • You can spot a lot of avian species.
  • You will come across gazelles, Arabian Oryx and also desert foxes.
  • Here you can visit the Bait Sheikh Saeed bin Hamed al Qassimi Museumand Khor Khalba Fort.
  • The location is Kalba in Sharjah.
  • The tour will take you three to four hours.
  • Entry fee has to be paid.
  • You may reach by cabs and private transport.

12. Sharjah National Park

  • The Sharjah National Park is a great haunt for nature lovers, replete with flora and fauna in the opulent surroundings.
  • The area of the Sharjah National Park is over 63,000 square kilometres.
  • It has a wide variety of birds and animals.
  • Care must be taken to preserve the surroundings and not litter the place.
  • The duration for the tour is two to three hours.
  • The place is located at E88, Al Qarayen in Sharjah.
  • Entry fee has to be paid.
  • Cabs and public transport are the means of conveyance to the Sharjah National Park.

13. Sharjah Science Museum

  • This is another place which is family friendly.
  • Interactive sessions and scientific experiments are carried out here.
  • Visitors including the kids can solve a lot of critical puzzles and undergo endurance tests.
  • The location is Sharjah TV Station.
  • You have to pay for the entry.
  • You may travel through public transport and cabs.

14. Blue Souk

  • The Blue Souk is a very happening place for marketing.
  • 600 shops here sell the daily commodities and groceries.
  • There is also a section for selling electronic goods.
  • Haggling of prices goes on here.
  • The location is Khaleed Lagoon in Sharjah
  • There is not entry fee.
  • You can travel by public transport or cabs to the place.
  • You will need three to four hours to explore the place.

15. Buhaira Corniche

  • This is a beautiful place with a promenade at the waterfront.
  • This stretches along the Khalid Lagoon, a man-made lagoon created in 1970.
  • This is a great place for recreation of the tourists.


The fifteen important places are great tourist destinations with a plethora of activities for visitors. The captivating landscape and the flora and the fauna add that special zing to all these places. The kids enjoy the different activities and the varied cuisines at the cafes and restaurants which are also a source of attraction to the travellers from all over the world.