If you are in Dubai and interested in learning about the history of your favorite beverage, coffee, read on. Legend has it that Kaldi, a goat herder, discovered the coffee bean, which eventually made its way to the UAE from the Ethiopian highlands. This journey culminated in the establishment of the Coffee Museum in Al Fahidi, Bur Dubai.

For connoisseurs of this beloved drink, the Coffee Museum is a must-visit destination. Even if you’re not a coffee enthusiast, you can still appreciate the first museum in the Middle East dedicated to showcasing the history and culture of coffee. The museum features a wide range of coffee-related items, including roasted and green coffee beans, coffee grinders, old brewing pots, and more.

So, step inside and immerse yourself in the rich taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee at the Coffee Museum!


As already mentioned, the Coffee Museum is located in the historic neighborhood of Al Fahidi. It narrates the journey of the coffee bean, detailing how it has been treated throughout history and woven into various traditions. Visitors can gain insights into the processes of roasting and grinding, the tools used, and the different kinds of coffee beans.

The museum’s collection highlights fascinating historical details, such as how coffee grinders during the First World War were made from smelted bullets and how brewing pots traveled from Yemen, Egypt, and Ethiopia. From the early days of coffee making to the present, coffee has evolved significantly. In 2015, coffee was recognized as a heritage element and inscribed on UNESCO’s list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Coffee Museum Tour

The Coffee Museum in Dubai is a two-story attraction that showcases a variety of exhibits, including coffee snacks, roasters, sampling implements, grinders and grippers, authentic brass and silver urns, ornate cups, and other vessels and utensils used for making coffee in Arabian, Western, and European countries. Near the foyer, you will find a majlis presenting the coffee-making tools of the Bedouins, dating back to the mid-15th century.

Key highlights of the Coffee Museum:

1. Location and Significance: The Coffee Museum is located in the historical neighborhood of Al Fahidi. It is a must-visit spot for coffee lovers and those interested in learning about Arabic culture and heritage.

2. Global Coffee History: The museum not only provides information about Arabic coffee but also covers the global history of coffee. It presents the comprehensive story of coffee’s history and origin, enriching visitors’ knowledge.

3. Exhibits: The museum features items and equipment related to brewing coffee, including 300-year-old brewing pots from Egypt, Ethiopia, and Yemen. The collection also includes containers and vessels used for roasting and making coffee, as well as coffee grinders made from cast bullets during the First World War.

4. Arabian Coffee Rituals: An Arabian coffee pot, known as the Dallah, is also on display. The museum explains the rituals followed in Arabia while pouring coffee, such as holding the Dallah in the left hand and serving the eldest guest first. The youngest member is served last. If a guest wants to stop receiving coffee, they must tilt their cup to the opposite side. These traditions are beautifully presented for the education of intrigued visitors.

Things to do and see at the Coffee Museum

1. Learn about the History

Coffee was perhaps discovered in Ethiopia and it was drunk there while it reached later on to other places across the globe. Coffee Museum sketches the brief history of how it came down to the UAE as the most consumed beverage. You get an opportunity to learn and understand the journey by visiting the exhibits at the Coffee Museum in Dubai.

2. Enjoy the taste of Coffee

Here, at the museum you learn the process of coffee making and also taste coffee made from different beans from all over the world.

3. Splendid Architecture

The Coffee Museum in Dubai is not only known for being the connoisseur of world class coffee but also for the excellent architecture of the museum. The museum is built taking into consideration the Islamic heritage and culture and presents it to the visitors in the best sense of the term.

4. Take part in Interesting Workshops

You can learn the actual procedure of making coffee by preparing the drink by learning at the educative workshops at the Coffee Museum.

5. Visit the Coffee Cafe

The Coffee Museum in Dubai houses the Coffee Café where you can enjoy great varieties of coffee. You can enjoy the different flavours here and it is a wonderful experience sipping a cup of coffee over some conversation with friends and family in a cosy ambiance.

6. Visit the Art Exhibition

You may go through the stunning coffee sculptures and coffee art by both the local and the international artists.

7. Buy Souvenirs and Gifts

You may buy a wider variety of gifts at the museum like coffee beans, artefacts, coffee making equipment which are great memories to carry home for friends and family.


The Coffee Museum is located in the historical neighbourhood in Bastakiya, Villa 44, Al Hisn Street, Al Fahidi inDubai, United Arab Emirates.


The timing for visiting the Coffee Museum is from 9 am to 5 pm.

How to reach

You may reach the Dubai Coffee Museum using the metro, taxi or bus or your own cars. The nearest Metro stations are Faheidi and Bastakia. These are located at a distance of 250 to 300 metres away from the museum.


Located in the Al Fahidi neighborhood in Dubai, the Coffee Museum is a haven for connoisseurs of rich Arabian coffee and a center of learning about the history and evolution of coffee beans from Ethiopia to the modern age. It offers insights into the various equipment used in making and brewing coffee and serves as a place where visitors can collect coffee-related mementos and souvenirs. In short, it is a repository of information about coffee for both local and international visitors. The Coffee Museum is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon or evening, promising a feel-good experience on every visit.