If you love indulging in history then this is the place for you. This Park clearly showcases ancient cultures and infrastructure for agricultural practices. The park has many artefacts, tombs, settlements, and forts from the Bronze Age. Want to know more about this wonderful tourist spot? Read on.

Overview of Hili Archaeological Park

The greatest thing for a history lover is to learn new historical facts and that is exactly what you can do here. The park gives you the chance to learn more about the Umm Nar culture, you get to see magnificent monuments from that period too. The park was built with the intention of making such monuments into a historical destination.

What Can You See At This Park

Hili archaeological park in Abu Dhabi

Explore the area and view the old agricultural infrastructure, forts, burial grounds, and villages that date back to the Iron Age and Bronze Age. When you step into this park it is nothing short of a time travel. The park was a settlement for an agricultural community that goes back all the way to 3000 BCE. You will see many majestic bronze structures in this park, it said that this is the spot where early settlements were discovered.

Now, if you are the type of person who likes to walk around and explore on your own, you need to visit this park. Do take your camera with you as you can take fabulous pictures of the structures, plus it helps you create memories. So do plan a trip with your family to this wonderful place and have a fabulous time there.

Things To Know Before Visiting This Park

  • Since this park has so much history in it, you may find it crowded with students and other history lovers during weekends
  • The good thing about the park is that it has many beautiful playing areas where your kids can have a lovely time
  • You must visit the grand tomb as it is very beautiful and is decorated with beautiful human and animal figurines
  • This park is 10 kilometers Al Ain city and it takes two hour to reach there by car