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Evening Desert Safari Dubai is a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life into the desert’s tranquility.  The perfect icing on the cake is the lavish BBQ dinner you can dig into in the vast expanse of the desert. The adventure sport of Dune Bashing gives the Desert Safari the perfect dose of thrill while the peace and calm of the desert gives it a serenity you are sure to enjoy.

About Evening Desert Safari Tour

Kick off the wonderful adventure with dune bashing which has you racing through the sand dunes in a 4 wheel drive vehicle. If you feel that dune bashing is far too Intense for your liking, you may choose to go on a leisurely ride on a camel back through the desert and admire the fascinating sights.

The Evening Desert Safari Dubai has you exploring the vast desert and it comes as a much needed break from the mundane everyday life. Spending a day in the calmness of the desert beneath a starlit sky soothes your frayed nerves, helping you wash away the stress that everyday life comes with.  The Evening Desert Safari in Dubai offers the perfect mix of culture, exotic cuisine, adventure and relaxation.

There could be no better way to experience the charm of Dubai’s desert than going on the Evening Desert Safari. After you have enjoyed the adrenaline thumping Dune Bashing  in the powerful 4×4 SUV, it’s time to step into a Desert Camp and relax a bit as you admire stunning live performances.

Admire the beauty of the region’s cultural heritage as you dress up in traditional Arabian attire and get yourself photographed.  The snaps you take stay with you as memories of a wonderful adventure you enjoyed every moment of in Dubai’s desert. You could also have your arms decorated with intricate Henna designs that are exotically beautiful.  These designs are a wonderful showcase of the wonderful artistic creativity the people here are blessed with.

Enjoy taking fags of the Sheesha as the sun goes down in the horizon spreading and orange hue all around.  It’s now time to feast on sumptuous cuisine served in a lavish BBQ spread.  There are a wide array of salads, starters and yummy desserts to choose from.  You could make your trip to the desert even more memorable with the following add-ons.

Also, there are exciting discounts and offers on evening desert safari you can avail to make a neat saving. There are discounts on group bookings as well. Do call us for more details.

Evening Desert Safari Inclusions

  • A dune bashing session in a powerful 4×4 SUV
  • A ride on a camel
  • A photo session after you put on traditional Arabian clothes
  • Have your arms decorated with henna designs and enjoy smoking the Sheesha
  • Dig into a sumptuous BBQ dinner that has fresh salads, lip smacking starters and yummy desserts
  • An exotic belly dance performance and a tanura show


Here is the quick overview of the Dubai evening desert safari itinerary:

Desert Safari with Dune Buggy (30 minutes) 

If you are keen to have a go at some more thrilling adventure sports you may opt for a Dune Buggy ride through the vast desert for an additional 30 minutes.  As an adventure lover, you are sure to enjoy every moment of this amazing ride as you make your way through the sand dunes.

Desert Safari with 350cc Quad Bike (30 minutes) 

You also have the option of zooming through the desert on a powerful 350cc quad bike.  It’s a 30 minute adventure that is sure to have your pulses racing. Zoom up and down the dunes as you feel the strong desert breeze waft through your hair.

Food Served on the Table

For a touch of exclusivity, you may choose to have your food served on a table booked entirely for you as an add-on service.  There’s an exciting array of gourmet dishes to choose from. Enjoy delectable food served stylishly with the desert as a stunning backdrop.  

An Air-conditioned Majlis

Relax in luxury in an air conditioned Majlis that comes as a wonderful retreat from city life. Settle comfortably amidst soft cushions and let the cool breeze from the air conditioner soothe you in the hot desert as you enjoy glimpses of desert life.

Important Information

  • Pregnant women, those with chronic aches and pains, those with heart and blood pressure issues and those suffering from nausea are to avoid Dune Bashing
  • Pick-ups from places other than your hotels/residences shall be done only on the payment of an additional amount
  • The timings are changed in the holy month of Ramadan

Important Points to Note

  • The pick-ups are arranged between 3:30 and 4:00pm in the summers while during the winters, the timings are different
  • In compliance with government orders, belly dance performances and the serving of alcohol are discontinued during the holy month of Ramadan
  • During Ramadan, only the fire show and the Tanura performance are continued
  • The Evening Desert Safari is of 6 hours
  • The medium of communication is Arabic or English
  • All guests are provided with the facilities of prayer rooms and separate toilets for men and women
  • All camping equipment, sleeping bags and tents are provided by the tour operators

The Cancellation Policy

  • Any cancellation done before 48 hours of the tour is 100% refundable
  • Any cancellation done within 48 hours of the tour will attract 100% cancellation fee.

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • What’s the best time of the year to go on the Evening Desert Safari?

The best time of the year to go on the Evening Desert Safari in Dubai is the winter between the months of November and March. During the winters, the temperatures are lower and the sun too is less harsh than usual ensuring that your outing in the desert is a pleasant one.

  • Is vegetarian food served on the Evening Desert Safari?

Yes, it is. Dubai is a very cosmopolitan city and it welcomes people with a lot of warmth irrespective of what their eating habits are. Vegetarians face no problems at all during the course of their stay in Dubai.

  • What are the things I should carry to the desert?

When you go on the Evening Desert Safari, carry with you lots of quality sunscreen so you can protect yourself from the harmful UV rays. Wear a cap and a pair of sunglasses. You must also carry enough water so you don’t get dehydrated.

  • Should we carry warm clothes to the desert after sundown?

Yes, it’s desirable that you carry a shawl or a jacket to the desert if you plan to stay there till the sun has gone down. The temperatures in the desert plummet after sunset and it gets pretty chilly.

  • What kind of a vehicle is used for the Evening Desert Safari?

The vehicles used are powerful 4-wheel drive SUVs. All these cars are very spacious and comfortable as well.

  • What am I to wear to the Evening Desert Safari?

It’s best turn up for the Evening Desert Safari in smart casuals. Keeping the weather in mind, the fabric to pick is cotton. For footwear, choose closed toe shoes so that the sand doesn’t reach your feet. Such shoes help you walk on the sand comfortably.

  • Apart from Dune Bashing, what are the other adventure sports I can have a go at on the Evening Desert Safari?

After the adrenaline rush of the Dune Bash, if you still seek more adventure, you could zoom up and down the sand dunes on a quad bike or a dune buggy at an additional charge.

  • Are the camels safe to ride on?

Oh yes, they are absolutely safe. They are very friendly, well trained and completely docile and domesticated.

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