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The 60-day tourist visa is the ideal option for those who plan to spend a long vacation in Dubai or stay with family and friends for quite some time. There are many bloggers, YouTubers, writers, and journalists who have opted for this category of visas since it suits them. They can stay in Dubai long enough to complete their work and create quality content. Residents of the GCC nations most often choose this visa as it helps them save money by avoiding getting separate visas each time they visit. To put things in a nutshell, if you plan a long stay in the UAE, opt for the 60-day tourist visa.

Benefits of 90 Day UAE Visa

  • There’s no need to keep spending on visas repeatedly for residents of GCC countries
  • Can take flights, cruises or avail road trips for traveling within the UAE
  • Helps in spending economic and easy holidays in the neighboring countries
  • Helps save money as you can avoid booking hotels repeatedly and on flight tickets as well
  • You’ll need to apply for the visa only once

If you apply for visa renewal on time, you may also opt for visa extension. To know more about it, please get in touch with us.

You may also simply fill up the online Dubai visa application form. It’s very easy to do so. Once you’re done, we take things up from there. Since you can stay in the UAE for all of 90 days, you may visit all the seven emirates that comprise the UAE.

There are single entry visas of 90 days duration available that let you enter and exit the UAE only once.

Requirements to Meet for the 60 Days UAE Visa?

Every application for a visa to the UAE needs to meet certain requirements as stipulated by the Department of Tourism and Immigration. For a 90 day UAE visa, you’ll need to furnish a-

  • A clearly scanned copy of the visa which should be valid for at least 6 months
  • A clear photograph where the face is visible clearly

What’s the time needed to process the visa?

The processing time depends on the type of visa service you opt for. There are two options to pick from. These are:

  • Regular Service- If you opt for this service, your visa will be processed in 24-72 hours
  • Express Service- You can opt for this service if you need to enter the UAE urgently. It takes no more than 10-12 hours to have the visa processed under this service

Important Information

  • You can’t avail employment opportunities with a 90 day visit visa
  • When filling the visa application form, please provide correct and accurate information
  • You’ll receive your visa after approval in the registered email address’ inbox
  • You shall have to carry a printout of the visa when you travel
  • We share a reference ID with you. You may use it to track your visa application on a real time basis
  • We shall keep updating you at every stage of your visa application process

Frequently Asked Questions about 60 Days Tourist Visa

  • If the single-entry visa is still valid, can I travel to the UAE again?

No, we’re afraid you can’t. With a single-entry visa, you can visit the UAE only once. The visa becomes invalid as soon as you exit the UAE.

  • How much time is taken to process the UAE visa?

The regular time taken is usually 24-72 hours. With express service, you can have it processed in 10-12 hours only. Other factors like your eligibility also decide how soon your visa will be processed.

  • Can a single-entry visa be extended online?

Yes, if needed, you may extend your single-entry visa beyond 90 days. Please reach out to us on +971 4 386 9361 for further details.

  • It’s an emergency. Can I get a UAE visa on the same day that I apply?

Yes, you can have your visa processed on the same day that you apply through the express service.

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