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A 30 days visa for multiple entries is most suited for people who want to stay in Dubai for a limited time each time they visit. A 30-day visa makes it easier for people to visit UAE and other countries close by. Do you want to know how to apply for this visa?

Read on as we share some important details with you. 

Documents Required for 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa

  • Copy Of Your Return air tickets
  • If you have been to Dubai Before Your passport should have an exit stamp
  • Photograph of your passport’s last page
  • Photograph of the passport’s first
  • Photograph for passport
  • The passport should be valid for the next six months
  • The images of the documents should be very clear


Documents Required To Be Submitted By The Guarantor

  • Copy of a bank statement that will show the transaction also the account should have a decent balance in it.
  • A security fee for every visa that is applied for
  • The guarantor has to produce a copy of his or her passport

Documents For People With No Guarantors

If you do not have a Guarantor, you will not have to pay any deposit money. In certain exceptional cases individuals may have to pay a deposit fee, but it will be returned to you once you send scanned images of your passport.

How Do You Apply

  • The steps to apply for this visa are really simple and fast all you have to is follow them really well and you should not face any problems. Here take a read.
  • You will need to fill up an application form online
  • You will have to submit passport photographs shot against a white background
  • Attach all the documents for processing your visa
  • Provide the details of your credit card that you will use to pay
  • You also have options such as cash deposit, Paypal, and money transfer online

FAQ about 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa 

  1. Is It Compulsory To Get A visa To Enter The UAE?

Yes, if you are travelling from another country then you have to a visa. However, citizens of Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia do not have to apply for a Visa.

  1. Do You Get Visa On Arrival

No, you will have to apply for a visa from beforehand to get into the UAE.

  1. What If Someone Overstays In Dubai?

You will have to leave UAE before your visa expires or you could face legal sanctions and not be given a visa in the future.

  1. How Do We Receive The Visa?

The visa will be sent to your email


Rules And Regulations That You Should Keep In Mind

Your visa application may not get processed based on the following things

  • You have not booked a return ticket
  • Missing documents for your application
  • Missing Information
  • Application form not filled out properly

You also have to remember that the time to process the visa maybe different for different nationalities. Typically your visa is sent for processing the day after your application is received only the days that are public holidays then that day is not to be counted. If your Visa application gets rejected then you will not receive any refund for the application fee. However, you can re- apply for the visa again.

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