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Dubai is an amazing city and what is most amazing is that it was built from nothing using sophisticated technology and strategic planning. The city has emerged as a leading tourist destination and attracts thousands of visitors each year. However, the purpose of this article is not to discuss tourism, but to talk about how you can apply for a 30 Days Dubai visa. The process is quite simple if you follow them systematically. Want to know how to proceed? Well, keep reading.

Things You  Should Keep In Mind Before Apply For This Visa

  • Your passport should be valid for the next 6 months
  • All the scanned documents must be crystal clear and not blurred
  • The passport should be a latest one not a handwritten one

Documents Needed To Apply For This Visa

  • If you have been to Dubai before, you need to send a copy of the page with the exit stamp on it
  • A copy of your return plane tickets
  • Last page of the passport
  • The very first page of the passport
  • A passport photograph

What Are The Documents That Need To Be Submitted By A Guarantor

  • The guarantor must send scanned copies of his visa page and passport, both  should be valid for 3 months
  • The Guarantor has to provide a cheque of amount AED 5500, this cheque is only used if the visitor cannot be traced
  • A copy of the bank statement that contains information of this cheque.

Documents You Need To Submit If You Have No Guarantor In The UAE

  • Families who are visiting Dubai do not have to pay any deposits they can straightaway make their airline booking, tour booking, and hotel booking.
  • In some exceptional cases, families may have to pay deposit money. This is done to ensure that visitors cannot overstay in the country. The deposit money is returned to you after you send a scanned copy of your exit stamp and passport page.

How Do You Apply For The 30 Days Dubai Visa

The process for applying for this visa is really simple, all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

  • You need to begin by filling out an online form and supply information such as travel date, nationality, contact address, and name. You must make sure that all of the information are correct.
  • You have to submit original documents for the via to get processed
  • You can use credit card, cash deposit, Pay Pal or bank transfer to make payments

After you have submitted all your details, they will be scrutinized for their authenticity. The authorities will also get back to you if they need additional information such as hotel booking voucher, documents from the guarantor, and airline tickets.


How Long Is This Visa Valid For?


This visa has a validity of 58 days from the date that it was issued.  You can extend this visa two times by paying an additional charge.

Is There A Fee For The 30 Days Dubai Visa?

Yes, you have to pay a fee for the application. There is also a higher fee if you want your visa processed within 24 hours. With the standard fee you can expect your visa to get processed within 4 working days.

How Long Does Take To Process The Visa?

It can take 72 hours for the visa to get processed.

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