Every religion in the world has significant importance & lifelong effects on people that are engraved in their hearts & minds to cherish them forever. Just like every religion has its holy scripts, for instance, Hindus have the Bhagwad Gita, Christians have the Bible, Sikhs have the Adi Granth, and similarly, the Muslims who follow the religion of Islam have the Quran.

Going in depth of any religion is overwhelming and to give the world an understanding of the Quran and to share its significance with the world, Dubai has built a park known as Quranic Park.

About Quranic Park

The park was inaugurated on 19 March 2019, and in the same year, the Quranic Park was featured in the Times Now- World’s Greatest Places of 2019.

Why not? The park has stayed true to its name. It has displayed the sacred texts of the Quran & Sunna with perfection. It can be new to people who are not from the Islamic religion, but for the Islamic people, the Quranic Park is very overwhelming.

The Dubai Municipality left no stone unturned while planning & building this park. Every religion is beautiful and visiting the Quranic Park will give you astounding insights into the Quran and its significance. The park is built on about 60 hectares with several attractions that depict the sacred texts from the Holy Quran and also Sunna.

The Quran is a 114-page revelation by their God, Allah which marks many vital aspects of the religion which shaped them as they are today.

Things to see inside Quranic Park

The Quranic Park has several attractions to visit that are of significance to the Quran.

1. Glasshouse / Greenhouse

As the name suggests, entering the glasshouse means entering the world of very trees and plants that are mentioned in the Al Quran and Al Sunna. Some of them include basil leaves, citrus trees, fig trees & many more but the center of all attraction is Olive Trees. There are pillars with information on the respective plants and trees just near them that mention the details that are significant to the Islamic Religion along with the names of the holy scripts where they are mentioned. A perfect place where they are getting nourished and admired by the visitors.

If you are a nature enthusiast or a researcher, you can also access more information on the digital screen within the glasshouse. That way, you are just a few taps away from making your experience more enriched and fruitful.

2. The Cave of Miracles

Kahf in Arabic, the cave of miracles consists of 7 greatest miracles mentioned in the Quran itself. Although the cave, in reality, is manmade, the miracles you learn about inside the cave are real and brought to life with precision. The cave is built with the purpose of the world to see and learn from.

Once you enter the cave, you will get to learn about the first miracle that is Prophet Suleman. He was known for his ability to talk to birds and the particular one that is mentioned in the Quran is the bird Hoop. Because of this ability, he was able to transmit messages using the bird and search for water in the desert with the help of his ability to talk to this particular bird Hoop.

The second miracle in the cave is of Prophet Issa who is considered equivalent in Christian religion to Jesus. His documentary is introduced with the title “Reviving the Dead- Creates Bird from Clay”. The purpose of showcasing this second miracle is to show that every religion has something similar to each other that helps to make this world.

Similarly, five more miracles await your visit to share the story behind the Prophets’ miracles. As you exit the cave, you will learn about the miracle of the ‘moon split into two halves’ of the final prophet- Prophet Muhammad which is of very big significance to the Islamic religion.

3. The Splitting of the Red Sea

According to the Quran, on the 10th day of Muharram, Prophet Moses struck his staff in the ground and split the sea into two halves, which gave a path to him & his followers to escape from the slavery of Egypt and cross the sea while walking on the dry ground. After they successfully crossed the sea, Prophet Moses again struck his staff in the ground to get the sea back to its original beauty.

In the Quranic Park, there is a similar sea and fountain made. It may look ordinary from far away but once you get close, you will learn its importance and the way it is split in half to show one of the biggest miracles of Prophet Moses and the biggest attraction of the park.

4. Smart Trees

As you roam and take in the beauty of the Quranic Park, you will also be greeted by smart trees on your way that are completely man-made and run with the help of solar panels. At night, the trees glow up, offering a spectacular view to the visitors. The smart trees are also engraved with Islamic Calligraphies and to put cherry on the top, they have added the facility to charge your dying phones behind the trees.

5. Playgrounds

Like any other park, this park also offers a space for children to play under the shade along with previously mentioned educational tours. People of all ages should indulge and play to release the negative energy that might be residing within them and return home fresh and mellow.

6. Open Cafe for refreshment

After touring the park and its attractions, you can visit this small open cafe that is being run to offer visitors a little snack time and not to miss, everyone’s favorite “coconut water” to beat the heat.

Trip to Quranic Park

● Location (Full Address): 6FRC+4P4 – Al Khawaneej – Al Khawaneej 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
● Entry Fee: Free of Cost.
● Entry Fee for The Cave of Miracles: AED 5
● Entry Fee for Mirror House: AED 5
● Timing: 9 AM to 9 PM (Daily), some say Friday has different opening hours- 3 PM to 9 PM
● Tour Hours: 1-3 hours

Best Time To Visit

During the winter months of December to February at around 7 PM when the gardens look mesmerizing in the golden hour.

How to Reach

You can easily travel to Quranic Park either by metro or a private car.

a) Metro + Taxi / Bus: The red line of the Dubai Metro Station will take you to the Centerpoint Station which is near the Quranic Park. After getting off the metro, take an RTA Taxi or bus routes 11A and 11B are also available but you’ll need to walk about 20 minutes to get to the park from the bus stop.
b) Private Car: You can always turn on the GPS and navigate easily through the roads of Dubai. But we will save you that hassle and give you a good direction.

– Drive to the road D89- Al Khawaneej Road
– After that take D54- Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street
– Take a final exit at the D54 roundabout.
– Continue your drive to the Mizhar area and you can reach the destination by following the signs to the Quranic Park.

Do not worry about the parking because there is plenty outside the park.

5 Nearby Places to Visit

1. Al Khawaneej Walk

A unique experience at the new community mall- Al Khawaneej Walk. Just opposite the Quranic Park’s left side, you can visit the shopping mall to fulfill your shopping bucket list and get to click some pictures for your new profile picture. You can even enjoy the cinema in the mall. And don’t forget to click a picture with the cow who is peacefully reading a newspaper.

2. Last Exit Al Khawaneej

Last Exit is a food truck hub where you and your friends and family can get a taste of the delicious A++ foods. Lighten with moonlight and LED lights, this completely sets the mood for the visitors & foodies. And the great thing is you can find this just near the Al Kahwaneej Walk.

3. Mushrif Park

It is a park for all the families and friends but not an ordinary one. This park has some interesting sights for everybody including the international village that showcases the various houses of traditional culture from worldwide. It also has a trekking place within the park for all sports lovers.

4. Aventura Parks

Found in the Mushrif Park, Adventure Parks offers the opportunity to blend the fun of educational tours and adventures. If you are a person who loves to try new things and loves adventure, don’t miss this place.

5. Dubai Crocodile Park

Well, a terrifying but equally, actually more insightful and exciting journey is what describes a trip to the Dubai Crocodile Park. it is adjacent to Mushrif Park, you can have a great educational tour as the park also exhibits the fossils of the old species and crocodiles.

The park’s motive to celebrate the teachings of the Quran with the world has come bearing fruitful results as the park has become so popular among tourists and the local people. There is beauty in every religion and while the Quranic Park showcases the beauty of their Islamic religion, it has also fulfilled the primary purpose a park has- bring the communities together. Don’t forget to visit the incredible park that wants to share its cultural significance with the world.