How amazing will it be to go and walk on the same tower that was used for decades as a watch tower that kept the city of Khor Fakkan safe from any kind of intruders? Well, that wish has also been fulfilled by the city. The Al Rabi Tower is where the sentinel kept a hard eye on the whole city to keep them safe from enemies and let the palace or fort know about the situation. Today, we will learn about the tower, its significance and what we can do to enhance our experience there.

All About Al Rabi Tower

Among the numerous watch towers of Khor Fakkan located in the Emirates of Sharjah, Al Rabi Tower is the first in the series to look out for any trespassers. It was established in the year 1915 and used as a watch tower. Today, the tower has more than hundreds of years of history buried inside it. Only if, someone could tell us the great tales.

At the height of 395 meters above sea level, the significance of the Al Rabi Tower goes unnoticed. On one side, you can see the valley to which it is connected and on the other side, it is the Gulf of Oman. Al Rabi Fort is said to be the first in the line of defense. Imagine the amount of responsibility the sentinel had on his shoulders as the first line of defense. If anything goes unnoticed, it is a heavy price that the valley and the people in it would have to pay along with the rulers.

It controlled the large areas of land roads, and roads adjacent to the valley which is indirectly connected to the Khor Fakkan Fort. Therefore, the Adwani Tower remains on one side and the rest of the towers on the inside.

Things to do in Al Rabi Tower 

  1. Hiking at Al Rabi Tower

While you may think, this is the only attraction present at 395 meters above sea level, trust us, it is not the end. The mountain path that extends to a distance of 1600 meters, offers visitors a chance to get the adrenaline rush with a great deal of adventure. Isn’t it fun?

Visiting the tower, check all the things off your list. From viewing historical towers to going on a hike that is “beginner-friendly”, the path was built by keeping in mind the treat their eyes will have after reaching the top of the mountain. If you love hiking then may things to do at Ras al Khaimah that offer amazing hiking experience.

The hiking trail is a well-pathed way for people to hike up the hill that is 6 km long with an elevation of 380 meters. It is safe for children too but it is still highly recommended to not let their hands go. We know you won’t, but it is for a precaution. Reaching up the trail, you will get to witness a beautiful city view with the bay on the other side. Great for witnessing the magical golden hours!

To return, you need to travel down the road- hike back!

  1. Beautiful Restaurant

Eat delicious foods at the eco-friendly restaurant- The View by Wave, located just opposite the fort on top of the mountain, which means a breathtaking view of the gulf while having the best time of your life! The interior is marvelous with all the amenities one can/will need on the top of the mountain. So, if you are planning to go to Al Rabi Tower, don’t forget to eat at this marvelous restaurant.

Tips for Hiking on Al Rabi Tower Hike Trail

Watch your steps as you hike up as well as down the path. Don’t forget to carry these 7 essentials with you:

  1. Filled Water Bottel
  2. Sunscreen
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Wear Comfortable Shoes
  5. Sunglasses to Protect the Pretty Eyes
  6. Hat, if needed
  7. Snacks to chump on when watching the sunset

Parking Area In Al Rabi Tower

Although the parking area for the Al Rabi Tower is located just 5 steps away from the tower and on top of the mountain, the parking area for trekking is a completely different area. A few feet down the heel is where the car gets needed to get parked but the space gets filled quickly. Especially on the weekends. There is another parking a little further down the hill which means a longer path to trek than before.

Trip to Al Rabi Tower

  • Location (Full Address): 89R5+P52 – Al Bardi 3 – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
  • Entry Fee: Free of Cost
  • Timing: Open for 24 hours
  • Tour Hours: With covering the hiking- 3 to 4 hours.

 Best Time to Visit Al Rabi Tower

The best time to visit Al Rabi Tower is either in the early morning or evening, before sunset. This recommendation works well as the site is open 24 hours for all visitors.

 How to Reach Al Rabi Tower

From downtown Dubai, it takes one and a half hours to reach the Al Rabi Tower. You can also take around an hour’s drive to the tower from Fujairah. You can take this opportunity to have a long drive while enjoying the scenic beauty of the way.

5 Nearby Places to Visit

  1. Khor Fakkan Beach: There are endless choices for you to visit after a hiking trail at Al Rabi Tower. You can go and relax at this crescent-shaped beach- Khorfakkan Beach. Indulge in more water sports, build sand castles with your kids or alone (because the inner child never dies), take a leisure walk, or relax by lying down a bit. All these things with cold breezes that are unpaid company while taking pictures.
  1. Khorfakkan Waterfalls: A man-made waterfall adjacent to the first amphitheater in the Khorfakkan, what a sight! You can also go to the top where windows have been made specifically to watch the waterfall cascade down to the bottom of the rocky mountain (which is real) and face the bay for a splendid view.
  1. Sira Khorfakkan or Shark Island: This hidden gem is located off the coast of Khorfakkan public beach. Here you can go scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and many more water sports activities. If you want to hire a guide, you can do the same by contacting the nearby center that is specifically made for such activities.The island is in the shape of a shark’s fin, hence it is also named shark island. But in the cooler months, it is also home to a few marine animals for which they are well-known like barracuda, mackerel and blacktip reef sharks.
  1. Al Adwani Tower: This is an old lighthouse that was made in the year 1623 to guide all the ships to the port safely. Today, the place has gained a lot of attraction and has become a tourist attraction. Hence, the tower has been reconstructed and made a landmark for visitors to see.
  1. Old Souq: One of the old souqs present in Khor Fakkan. It is built as an old heritage village structure so that shoppers can have a unique shopping experience, unlike malls. You can shop for everything over here, from local spices & herbs to handicrafts & souvenirs for your relatives or as a piece for your living room.


Visiting sites of significance in the history of the city offers a completely different feeling to one. If you are in Sharjah, then don’t forget to visit this beautiful city Khorfakkan, and its historically significant monuments including the Al Rabi Tower.