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Theatre of Digital Art Tickets in Dubai abbreviated as ToDA promises to give you a 360-degree immersive experience of the digital space filled with fascinating art & culture. The unique place is located in Souk Madinat Jumeirah and represents all the art & culture from an avant-grande perspective through virtual reality, augmented reality and meta-reality. You do not only get to enjoy the digital theatre but depending on the type of entry ticket, you can access various other parts of the theatre as well.

Inclusions of Theatre Of Digital Art Dubai Tickets 

  1. Ticket to the Theatre of Digital Art, Dubai
  2. Depending on the ticket choice, it permits access to the multisensory show or concert.
  3. If chosen at the time of booking, then roundtrip hotel transfers.


  • The expenses for the shopping & dining
  • Any other experiences on-site are not part of the tour and must be carried out by the individuals.

Highlights of Theatre Of Digital Art

  1. The first and only theatre of digital art in Dubai to heighten your senses and get a first-hand experience of the digital gallery.
  2. Experience the 360-degree projection of Being Von Gogh.
  3. Combination of the latest high-end technology with classical art and 3-dimensional stars, brushstrokes and light.
  4. The future of entertainment is accompanied by music, visual effects and surround sound.
  5. ToDA has three forms of digital art, namely multimedia exhibitions, contemporary immersive installation art & virtual reality art.

How to Redeem the Tickets

  1. Be mindful that you are carrying the E-ticket or the printed copies of your ticket along with you.
  2. The tickets will be scanned at the entrance before allowing entry to the premises.


  1. ToDA is an avant-garde and multi-sensory art exhibit, where digital art, visual arts and music get together to create a breathtaking and memorable trip for the audience.
  2. ToDA is the first platform that combines advanced digital arts with a theatrical environment.
  3. Visitors will begin their journey through the ToDA as they make their way into a theater that has been designed uniquely for the experience and that comes with advanced projection systems combined with surround sound. The paintings, the ceilings, and the floors are transformed into the backdrops for the digital art installations, wrapping the viewers from all directions.
  4. The digital artworks spread across ToDA exhibit different genres and styles such as abstract visualizations, computer-generated animations, interactive installations as well as virtual reality experiences that put the spectators inside the art.
  5. All of those artworks are chosen in particular order to create a unified story or a motive which makes the process of art perception more vivid.
  6. Apart from the visual section, music is the soul of the immersive experience of ToDAI. Many art installations have an accompanying soundtrack that is specifically chosen to deliver the overall message, or live performances by musicians that blend the visual and auditory experience uninterrupted.

Brief about Theatre Of Digital Art, Dubai

Some of them include an interactive space, live music concerts, folk performances, wellness programs, classic art installations and digital shows. With the space being 1800 square meters big and wide, they offer a multitude of experiences using the symphony of 3D visual effects, graphics and high-tech systems that will engross you in the spectacular calming shows. The interactive space is no different as well, it is a state-of-the-art VR room where you can bring an animal of your choice to life in the digitally surreal environment.

Places to Visit in Theatre Of Digital Art, Dubai 

  1. The Digital Art Theatre
  2. The state-of-art VR room
  3. Live Music Nights
  4. Meditation & Yoga
  5. Hands-on Exhibit for Children
  6. Digital Art Theatre Shows
  7. The Little Prince 360-degree
  8. Being Van Gogh
  9. From Monet to Kandinsky

Important Information

  1. Location: Souk Madinat Jumeirah Dubai – United Arab Emirates 
  1. Timing of Theatre Of Digital Art: Everyday- 12 PM to 11 PM
  1. Touring Hours: Approximately 1 hour

Other Important Information

  • It is advised to carry a valid ID or passport along with you while visiting the park.
  • Ticket usage is only limited to one time.
  • Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  • If the tickets are lost, damaged or stolen, they cannot be replaced, refunded or exchanged.
  • Throughout the visit, children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Always check the official website for booking the right slot timings.
  • In case any attraction is non-operational sue to technical reasons, the service provider holds no responsibility.
  • Theater of Digital Arts has two variants of tickets: Regular Seating & Balcony Seating- with VR room & Beverages.

How To Reach Theatre Of Digital Art, Dubai?

You can reach the Theatre Of Digital Art, Dubai by private car or bus.

  • By Metro

To reach the Theatre of Digital Art, Dubai, it is advised to take the red line M1 metro to the nearest metro station of Dubai Internet Metro Station.

  • By Bus

Take bus numbers 8, 81, 88, and N55 to reach the destination’s nearby bus stop– Burj Al Arab Hotel 2 from where there is a 7-minute walk to the theatre.

  • By Light Rail

You can also take a monorail to Knowledge Village Tram Station, from where you can reach the nearest station within a 9-minute walk away.

Booking & Cancellation Policy

  1. Once the payment is successfully done, your ticket will be generated and mailed to you for your reference.
  2. Tickets once purchased, cannot be canceled.

Age Policy

  1. Adults are charged for tickets.
  2. Kids below 3 years of age can enter for free if accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket.
  3. Children within the age range of 3 to 12 are charged at the children’s rate.
  4. Children of or above 13 years are charged the same as adults rate.

Tips to Know

  1. The Theatre of Dubai aligns with the Dubai-wide health & safety guidelines and allows a maximum capacity of 120 visitors.
  2. It is mandatory to display the voucher with a valid photo ID at the entrance of theatre.
  3. It is advised to arrive 10-15 minutes before the time of your tour to avoid any delays.
  4. Please refer to the age policy to know about the ticket pricing systems & don’t forget a valid photo ID.


  1. What is the best time to visit the Theatre Of Digital Art, Dubai?

Ans. The best time to visit the Theatre Of Digital Art, Dubai is in any weather as you will be in the air-conditioned room. Still, some say that if you are visiting in the summer season, then you should book the evening slot if you are traveling through public transportation. 

  1. From where can I purchase Theatre Of Digital Art, Dubai tickets?

Ans. You can purchase the ticket to Theatre Of Digital Art, Dubai via the website or by the counter. 

  1. Can we cancel the tickets once purchased?

Ans. No, once the ticket is purchased, it cannot be canceled. 

  1. Can we bring outside food & drinks?

Ans. No, outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the Theatre Of Digital Art, Dubai. You can enjoy the foods & beverages that are available in the Souk Madinat area near the ToDA. 

  1. How ToDA is interesting for all ages?

Ans. Adults can enjoy every part of the immersive ToDA whereas for children there is an interactive room that is made to captivate visitors of all ages, especially the children. Thus, it makes ToDA– a family-friendly destination.

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