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Dubai a fascinating desert city in the UAE offers an unforgettable paramotor ride over the mesmerizing scenery as the company offering the service is the authorized one. This 20-minute adventurous flight gives a great chance to observe the spectacular view of the Arabian Desert from a height that ranges 1500 feet. They get to choose between sunrise, afternoon or sunset packages for a different and beautiful experience.

Inclusions of the Paramotor Adventure Tour

  • Thrilling yet safe 20-minute paramotor flight
  • Sunrise and sunset views as per the package choice
  • Amazing aerial views of the desert
  • Sightings of flora and fauna
  • Safe ride with trained pilots
  • Private transfers to the hotel as per the package choice
  • Refreshments for the tour


  • Any shopping, dining is not included.
  • Anything which is not mentioned above.

How to Redeem Paramotor Flight Tour Ticket?

  1. Carry either an E-ticket or printed copies with you.
  2. Show your tickets to the representative present.
  3. Get ready to enjoy a memorable trip.


  • A unique and exhilarating floating in the clouds for 20 minutes
  • Soar 1500 feet above the ground
  • Fly or float in the exotic aircraft
  • An aerial view of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve or Dubai Lake
  • An aircraft that has a microlight engine attached to a cage-like structure with a paragliding wing
  • Depending on the package, an aerial view of Love Lake’s full design & structure
  • Safety at all times, from start to finish
  • Accommodate by a trained pilot
  • Variety of sessions to choose from– sunrise, afternoon and sunset

About Paramotor Ride in Dubai

Powered paragliding on the other hand is an advance version of paragliding where the flyer uses a motorized powered paraglider . This is also known as an ultralight aircraft. The ultralight trike basically a brand-new aircraft with three wheels and it guarantees the flight which will be filled with exciting moments. Starting the flight from the Skydive Dubai Desert Campus, the trike rises over the sea of dunes and the calm water of Dubai Lake.

The adventurous tour is characterized by beautiful and picturesque villages, native camel herders, and wild animals such as gazelles and oryx which are now found in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Participants might also get to view other beautiful sceneries including the beautiful serene Love Lake, this depends on the package chosen.

This activity can be undertaken with no prior experience or training and is therefore suitable for all those interested. It is a tandem flight where the pilot flies together with the client, thus guaranteeing the safety and joy of the flight. The riggers of the adjustable seat make participants comfortable, and they just enjoy the feel of flying through the air and taking beautiful photographs of the desert sunrise or sunset. To increase the level of exclusivity one can also add such extras as private car transfers to the hotel and breakfast or lunch.

This flight demonstrates a thrilling and exciting manner by which tourists can enjoy the natural view of the Arabian Desert and the experience makes the Paramotor flight essential to be added to the list of must-do activities.

Important Information 

  1. Location of Paramotor Adventure Tour: Al Seyahi St – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  1. Timing: Sunrise, Afternoon and Sunset
  1. Touring Hours: 20 Minutes

Other Important Information 

  • Guests should always have the E-Ticket or the printed copy and identity proofs.
  • It is recommended to carry identification proof- a passport or Government ID for verification at the redemption point.
  • A waiver form is mandatory to be filled out 24 hours before the flight.
  • Consider the weight and height restrictions or eligibility before heading to the adventure.
  • People who are not recommended to fly in the paramotor adventure– pregnant women, have back issues, have undergone surgeries during the last 6 months, those serious heart problems, knee issues, broken leg or arm and height phobia.
  • Children under 12 years of age and elders above 80 years of age are not permitted to fly.
  • The pilot makes a full-authorized decision concerning the passenger’s eligibility.
  • Flyers should not be under alcohol influence and other drugs. They are strictly prohibited from flying.
  • Others who have disabilities in mental and emotional health and also physical disabilities are not permitted.
  • All the passengers signing up for the flight must sign a declaration that they don’t have any problems as stated above.
  • Sharing transfer timings can be modified by 30 to 60 minutes depending on the traffic and the guest’s location.

Dress Code

  • There’s no dress code for the particular adventure but it is advised to wear comfortable clothing as you will be 1500 feet in the sky.

Height and Weight Criteria For The Paramotor Ride

  • Weight Eligibility- 110 kg Maximum
  • Height Eligibility-140 cm minimum is needed

Booking & Cancellation Policy

  • Once the payment is successfully done, your ticket will be generated and mailed to you for your reference.
  • The cancellation can be done at least 48 hours before the scheduled time at no additional charge.
  • If the cancellation is done within 48 hours of the scheduled cruise time, a 100% charge will be applied.
  • If the guest is eligible for a refund, it will get credited to the account within 7 business working days.

Age Policy 

  • Children under 12 years of age and elders above 80 years of age are not permitted to fly.
  • The children must be under their parents’ supervision.


  1. Is it safe to fly on the Paramotor flight?

Ans. Absolutely! The paramotor flight is accompanied by an expert and trained pilot who makes sure the passengers are comfortable and enjoy the flight to the fullest.

  1. What is the duration of the Paramotor flight?

Ans. The paramotor flight is the duration of a thrilling 20 minutes.

  1. What is the height and weight restriction for the Paramotor flight?

Ans. For riding the Paramotor flight, a person needs to be above 140 cm and should be below 110 kg in weight.

  1. What is the maximum height that the Paramotor flight reaches?

Ans. It is 1500 feet above in the sky with the Paramotor flight.

  1. Who is NOT permitted inside the Paramotor flight?


  • Pregnant Women
  • Have Back Issues
  • Have Undergone Surgeries during the last 6 months
  • Serious Heart Problems
  • Knee Issues
  • Broken Leg or Arm
  • Height Phobia
  1. Is there a mandatory requirement for the Paramotor flight?

Ans. As there are no certain requirements, people need to sign a waiver or declaration form before 24 hours of the scheduled time to be eligible to take the Paramotor flight.

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