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Explore the desolation of Dubai’s desert gently floating in a hot air balloon over the vast expanse of golden sands. The balloon rides are flagged off very early in the morning so that visitors can catch the gorgeous sunrise. That’s why you’ll have to rise at dawn itself. So, don’t forget to set the alarm at night. Before you hop onto the balloon, you are given a thorough pre-flight briefing for your safety. Once that’s done, you are in the basket that takes you on a smooth glide over the iconic Dubai desert while you marvel at its vastness taking in the glow of its golden sands. It’s a sheer joy as you look down enjoying the sights of the desert’s natural flora and fauna, much of it conserved at the national reserve.

This glorious ride in the morning gives you a spectacular view of the sun rising as it appears on the horizon above the rugged Hajjar Mountains. It’s a breathtaking sight watching the sun cast its orange hue across the desert giving it a truly divine look.  The warm breeze across the desert takes you floating in your hot air balloon as you take in spectacular views of Dubai’s magical desert and the wildlife in its natural habitat. You’ll love watching majestic camels, the oryx, gazelles, and more. If you’re looking to experience the Dubai Desert in its most magnificent avatar, the Hot Air Balloon Ride is a must on your bucket list.

The Highlights

  • After you are back on the ground, enjoy a delectable breakfast in the setting of a traditional Bedouin camp
  • You have the convenience of round-trip transfers irrespective of the package you choose
  • Take in spectacular views of an amazing sunrise in a desert plain while floating gently in a hot air balloon through Dubai’s bright blue skies
  • Your safety is of utmost concern to the authorities and therefore, you’ll have an experienced and trained pilot accompanying you
  • It’s a very rare opportunity to get yourself clicked with a Peregrine Falcon

Things to Know

  • It’s mandatory to carry either your passport copy/UAE driving license/Emirates ID to board the balloon
  • Women who are more than 3 months pregnant and kids below the age of 5 and adults above the age of 80 are not allowed to board the balloons
  • Those with serious heart ailments or knee/spinal issues aren’t allowed to board the balloons. Those with any serious medical conditions are advised to skip this activity
  • Persons who have a weight of more than 120kgs. are charged at double the regular rate
  • You’ll have to arrive at the hotel lobby at least 10 minutes before the departure is scheduled
  • Children between 5 and 10 years old are charged at rates meant specifically for children
  • Passengers are picked up from their hotels/residences between 3 and 5 am depending on the location and the time the sun is expected to rise
  • The bookings are made subject to availability
  • No passenger is allowed to carry lighters, professional zoom cameras, luggage, alcohol, or knives
  • People with vertigo are advised to avoid this activity
  • Those with chronic back or neck pain and those who have had surgery done in the last 6 months are advised to avoid this activity

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many passengers can board a hot air balloon simultaneously?

As per commercial standards, a maximum of 20 persons can board a hot air balloon together including the pilot and the guide.

Do you see any animals in the balloons?

Sure, you do. You’ll spot desert animals like the Arabian oryx, the ship of the desert—camels, and gazelles as well. You might also spot a desert hedgehog. So do keep your cameras ready!

Are there any extra charges for the falcon show?

Absolutely not! The package is inclusive of the falcon show and you’ll have a professional falconer accompanying you at the right time. It’s a very impressive show of their speed and agility as they swoop down the balloon showing off their flying skills.

It’s absolutely mesmerizing watching the sunrise on the horizon above the desert. The Hot Air Balloon Ride is probably one of the most spectacular places to watch a sunrise from.

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