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As terrifying and unusual as it may sound, the 20,000 square meter Dubai Crocodile Park is majorly the house of 250 Nile crocodiles. You can get an up-close encounter with them in their own habitats without disturbing their harmonious habitat. The outdoor setting for the crocodiles in the Dubai Crocodile Park is based on Savanna’s outdoor setting.

It is not just limited to live crocodile encounters but you can also visit the crocodile museum which is showcased with the display of crocodiles’ evolution, history and even some of the fossils on display.  It offers you a seamless integration of the African wetlands for the crocodiles which are garnished with serene scenery, beautiful waterfalls, and comfortable pathways. The Dubai Crocodile Park has a safe, natural and eco-friendly environment for the crocodiles to continue their lifecycle comfortably.

Inclusions of Dubai Crocodile Park Tickets

  1. A pre-booked entry ticket to the Dubai Crocodile Park.
  2. The ticket is valid for all parts of the park including the aquarium & museum.
  3. Professional guides to tag along during the tour.
  4. They have experienced & trained staff.
  5. Parking space for private vehicles.
  6. If visitors want a round-trip hotel transfer, they need to choose it during the booking time.

Exclusions of Dubai Crocodile Park 

  • The expenses for the shopping, dining and other experiences on-site are not part of the tour and must be carried out by the individuals.

How to Redeem the Tickets for Dubai Crocodile Park?

  1. Do carry the E-ticket or the printed copies of your ticket along with you.
  2. The tickets will be scanned at the entrance before allowing entry to the premises.

Itinerary of Dubai Crocodile Park

  1. Welcome to the UAE’s first & one of the Middle East’s biggest crocodile parks.
  2. Track over 250 crocodiles, which also includes the giant Nile crocodile. They come from different parts of the world but all of them go through their lifecycle in an area that is a replica of their ecosystem.
  3. Study their natural space and their unique attributes in all detail with knowledgeable and experienced staff.
  4. Visit the African-themed aquarium and the museum that showcases the crocodiles’ evolution.
  5. Be part of the crocodile feeding session who are relaxing in the sandbanks or swimming in the large basins.

Places to Visit in Dubai Crocodile Park

  1. The Shelters are in the outdoor setting of the park.
  2. Crocodile Museum with history & evolution dating back to 200 million years.
  3. African-themed Aquarium.

Things to Do in Dubai Crocodile Park

  1. Crocodile Feeding Session
  2. Tour with Professional Guides
  3. Other Dining & Shopping Options

5 Highlights of Dubai Crocodile Park

  1. Encounter with the massive Nile Crocodile, who is the star of the highlight session. It is the second largest reptile on the planet after saltwater crocodile.
  2. Learn about their lifestyle and habitats including the theme of the park with professional guides.
  3. Visit the Museum encompassed with their evolution history.
  4. Visiting the African-themed aquarium, house to Nile crocodiles.
  5. Visitors can even indulge in feeding the crocodiles.
  6. Beautiful green spaces with sitting areas for time well spent.

Important Information

  1. Location of Dubai Crocodile Park
  • Mushrif – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 
  1. Timing of Dubai Crocodile Park
  • Everyday- 10 AM to 8 PM
  1. Touring Hours
  • Approximately 1 to 2 hours, if you decide to learn in-depth about them and enjoy the shopping & dining inside the park.

Other Important Information

  • It is advised to carry a valid ID or passport along with you while visiting the park.
  • Ticket usage is only limited to one time.
  • Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  • If the tickets are lost, damaged or stolen, they cannot be replaced, refunded or exchanged.
  • People with Determination (people with disabilities) get free entry to the park with valid ID proof.

How To Reach Dubai Crocodile Park?

You can reach Dubai Crocodile Park by private car or bus.

  • By Private Car

Go straight on Sheikh Zayed Road to the exit of Al Ain Road. from there, you can follow the signs to the park.

The park will be on the left side of the road, before passing Dubai Safari Park.

  • By Bus

Take bus number 367 from Rashidia or a bus to the School of Research Science. From there you need to walk for 10 minutes to reach the destination.

Booking & Cancellation Policy

  1. Once the payment is successfully done, your ticket will be generated and mailed to you for your reference.
  2. Tickets once purchased, cannot be canceled.

Age Policy

  1. Adults are charged for tickets.
  2. Kids below 3 years of age can enter the park for free if accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket.
  3. Children with an age range between 3 to 10 are charged at the children’s rate.
  4. Children the age of 10 years and above are charged the same as adult rate.
  5. Children below 12 years must be accompanied by adults of 16 years or older. They must remain under strict supervision all the time.

Tips to Know

  1. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes as you will be walking while touring the park.
  2. Keep your children under strict supervision at all times.
  3. Pets are not allowed inside the park.
  4. Glassware items, alcohol, weapons and drones are not allowed inside the park.
  5. Always maintain a safe distance.
  6. Don’t climb or stand on the fences, barriers or walls.
  7. Don’t feed them without permission & guidance.

FAQs for Dubai Crocodile Park

  1. What is the best time to visit Dubai Crocodile Park?

Ans. The best time to visit the Dubai Crocodile Park is in the winter months- October to March to tour the park comfortably in the cool weather.

The best time in those months is to visit the park on weekdays to void the peak hours crowd. 

  1. From where can I purchase Dubai Crocodile Park tickets?

Ans. You can purchase the ticket to Dubai Crocodile Park via the website or by the counter. It is advised to book it via the website to avoid long queues. 

  1. Can we cancel the tickets once purchased?

Ans. No, once the ticket is purchased, it cannot be canceled. 

  1. Can we bring outside food & drinks?

Ans. No, outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the Dubai Crocodile Park. You can enjoy the foods & beverages that are available inside the Park.

  1. What type of food can we find in Dubai Crocodile Park?

Ans. You can find multiple cuisines inside the park, Italian & Indian being some of them. There are meals as well as fast food options for the visitors.

  1. Are strollers and wheelchairs available inside Dubai Crocodile Park?

Ans. No, unfortunately, neither of them is available inside the park. However, you can bring your own stroller or wheelchair with you as the park is wheelchair accessible. 

  1. Can we get First Aid facilities at Dubai Crocodile Park?

Ans. Yes, Dubai Crocodile Parks keeps First Aid Facilities for medical emergencies and minor injuries.

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